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July 8, 2016

John Oliver (Last Week Tonight) - Regifting (Web Exclusive)

John Oliver (Last Week Tonight) - Regifting (Web Exclusive)

John Oliver knows that regifting is sometimes a neccessary evil, so he gave the "Last Week Tonight" audience his three steps to giving away a gift you don't want.
"I’m here with a handy holiday guide to the art of regifting, just the easiest way to pawn off something you can’t stand, beside sending your child to summer camp," Oliver joked for a web exclusive (his show is on hiatus).
Here's the process as laid out by the British comedian:
Step 2: Personalize it.
The host said one should write a note to throw the recipient off the scent that this gift was not originally meant for them. Also, choose an appropriate regift.
"Be careful in cases of things that could be misconstrued such as a box of wine and a self-help book," he said.
Also, don't forget the wrapping paper. And if that's too much, at least use a gift bag."Gift bags are the sweatpants of gift-wrapping," Oliver said. "Sure, it’s lazy, but it’s undeniably better than not putting anything on at all."
Step 3: Only one gift per person.
“Do not attempt to redistribute all your gifts among your friends and family like a Ponzi scheme. You’re flying too close to the sun!" he emphasized. "And when your wings melt, they’ll probably smell like a cranberry bog because you made them from the scented candles you got from your sister-in-law."
Watch the entire segment below:

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